Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Sea Eagle

The waves rushed to kiss the shore. Again & again. Quenching its desire.
The sea eagle spread its wings once more. Wanting to reach the sun.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Azure Sea

She sauntered out to meet the azure sea.
His firm footprints were there to greet her.
She walked alongside.

Carry On

I walk in the labyrinth of your memories.
I stumble. I stop. Thoughts of you. They carry on.


The sunset catches the glint of my longing.
The breeze sweeps it away.
I’m a wisp of your imagination.

The Grass Blade

The grass blade stood tall.
It’s emerald desire glistened.
The wildflower leaned closer.
As if it was the breeze that had swayed her.

You are There

I wander aimlessly.
I love you without knowing.
You wait. You know. I find my way.

I see you. I cannot look away.
I flounder in your gaze. I drown.
You hold me tight.

Stray Thoughts

Yes, I tremble.
Like a leaf in the summer breeze.
The gentler your touch, the more I tremble.
I squeeze shut my eyes.

The red, the amber, the flame licks and caresses.
And, even as I’m engulfed by the blaze, I blossom.