Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Dark Moment

I bundle my thoughts,
Into a tight knot, deep inside,
In the unsaid, I interpret my own,
I stumble on, hurting some more.

The hurt, the pain, the wound,
Never wanting to let go,
I allow it to fester, I enjoy,
In this cowardice of gloom.

I brace myself for an onslaught,
A flurry of heated exchanges,
But what I get is a dank,
Flavor of mottled bitterness.

In the sudden nothingness,
Of our relationship,
I stand numbed,
Will this be the last turn.

I want to flail my arms,
Looking for out,
Or just the faint whisper,
Of a happy thought.

Thoughts float in like vapor,
I feel them but before,
I can reach out,
They disappear.

I see a hint,
Of an unfulfilled yearn,
A shadow in yours,
Its reflection in mine.

I search your face,
In search of some meaning,
In that dark moment, I know,
All the pain, I let it go.