Friday, December 14, 2007

Urban Dilemma

Clockwork weekdays,
Deadlines ablaze.
Should I work for the money,
Or just wait for the praise?

Weekends – They are Fun…
Wasting away in front of the telly,
Or profoundly with a book - on my belly
Long walks and exercising crazily,
Or window-shopping just contently...

Chit-chatting and floating on Second Life,
Long to-do list in first life.
Haggling at INA like a fishwife,
Believing readily there’s no strife.

Just looking away from filth and grime,
Maneuvering scootie – Phew! Just in time,
Partying away with vodka and lime,
Oops! Do squeeze in some quality time.

Friends, family, and nothing to whine
Flowers, bells, and that wind chime.
You at home - no travel this time,

All in all, life's sublime!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Profound Ramblings

If a computer crashes in the forest, does the user make a sound?

Ever wondered…Where do Deleted Characters Go?

Why do they call it the ‘shift’ key? I kept pounding but nothing shifted.

When the computer says ‘Press any key.’ Are house keys included?