Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just the Same

The sky so blue,
Looks just the same,
As it used to.

A tree nods,                                                   
Shakes a few leaves,
And maybe a few pods.

The day well begun,
City noises and traffic,
The usual humdrum.

A few perhaps,
Many maybes.
Thoughts of you, Baby

Crying out in the rain,
All those lost yesterdays,
Nothing is ever the same.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Echo of Silence

An echo,
Waits her turn,
To be screamed out,
Pulls at words,
From across the chasm,
Of deafening silence.

Unconnected universes,
Collide with,
The nothingness,
Of reason,
In a state of,
Morbid suspension.

The sphere,
Of the person,
Stares back,
In defiance,
At the protocol,
Of pain and disgrace.

Innocence steps out,
In search of dignity,
Bewildered by,
The virtue of chastity,
A new reality attempts,
To restore equilibrium.

Just Us

 Can I breathe
You in like 
The mist in the garden
Before it turns to dew…

Can I fall for you 
Like a life full of promises 
That we have always 
Longed to keep...

Can we dance 
With the swirling autumn leaves 
As if the perfect spring  
.Is waiting somewhere just for us

Whimsical Butterfly - Haiku

Whimsical butterfly
With all your pretty colors 
Are you the rainbow

Little Flower - Haiku

Why little flower 
Did you choose to grow
At my front door 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Love is just a Notion

An ordinary afternoon
Breaking the delusion.

Harsh words
Barbs and questions.

Violent thoughts
Hurled with precision.

Standing stoic
Is no redemption.

Stare at nothing
Wait for oblivion.

Is there an end
To this pretension.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Dark Moment

I bundle my thoughts,
Into a tight knot, deep inside,
In the unsaid, I interpret my own,
I stumble on, hurting some more.

The hurt, the pain, the wound,
Never wanting to let go,
I allow it to fester, I enjoy,
In this cowardice of gloom.

I brace myself for an onslaught,
A flurry of heated exchanges,
But what I get is a dank,
Flavor of mottled bitterness.

In the sudden nothingness,
Of our relationship,
I stand numbed,
Will this be the last turn.

I want to flail my arms,
Looking for out,
Or just the faint whisper,
Of a happy thought.

Thoughts float in like vapor,
I feel them but before,
I can reach out,
They disappear.

I see a hint,
Of an unfulfilled yearn,
A shadow in yours,
Its reflection in mine.

I search your face,
In search of some meaning,
In that dark moment, I know,
All the pain, I let it go.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Everytime I Reconcile

A familiar emotion
Hits at the gut
Time after time.

I thought
I had

But here it is
Once more
Never far.

Wrenching out
Once more
That silent scream.

Holding on
To the mundane
Stoic and resolute.

The only way
I know
To deal.

So ineffective. Always.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Meant to be

Sleep eludes me,
Or maybe, I resist sleep,
I cradle that thought
Into a dream-awake state.

In that slumber
I follow a path,
Never quite knowing
Where it takes me.

I seek the wilderness
To find myself,
Knowing that staying lost
Is how I was meant to be.