Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Meant to be

Sleep eludes me,
Or maybe, I resist sleep,
I cradle that thought
Into a dream-awake state.

In that slumber
I follow a path,
Never quite knowing
Where it takes me.

I seek the wilderness
To find myself,
Knowing that staying lost
Is how I was meant to be.


  1. The best thing about being lost is that you can continue to hope for someone finding you

  2. I watch in my deep sleeping conscious moments
    And walk blindly into the unknown paths
    With a mission to explore the unknown
    Look around find nothing new
    Every picture measures the very same dream
    Alas I cud DRAW such lines in awaken state ....
    But THAT NOT TO BE ...
    Why this happens to me
    I know its all True to every one
    Ramakrishna Paramhans's story is not a story
    He followed the path shown by Goddess Kali
    AND while entering Bikunthdhaaam,
    he saw the end of this side....
    Was that a dream ?
    Or I dream when I consciously watch the deep sleep
    BUT I know I can see much more TRUTH in the sleeps .....

    (this is my first attempt to pen a Atma Bodh ... in watever CLASS it is, I am proud of ..)