Monday, August 22, 2011

On Janamashtami

Early morning,
lazy day,
an hour here,
a late lunch there,
the dull pace of a holiday.

A god was born,
Somewhere today,
Shouldn't there be,
Rituals to follow,
In a celebratory way.

The morning rush,
A vague sense of delay,
The petty pace,
Of a routine workday,
I miss it on a holiday.

Two giggling girls run away,
They've stolen flowers,
I indulgently, smile it away,
That's my way of,
Commemorating God's birthday.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Speak with you

Thoughts crowd my head,
They rush hurriedly,
To mold into words,
But not all feel right,
My thoughts remain unsaid.

All those things,
I want to say to you,
They flutter a bit,
And almost reach my lips,
And they disappear.

Words tumble around me,
I pick some,
I string them together,
the words I leave behind,
look a little forlornly.

I want to something,
Or maybe say it all,
But even in my head,
They don’t sound so pretty,
I nod my head very quietly.

Away Once More

I imagine you,
Sitting in a bar somewhere,
Ordering a drink,
And reading a local paper there.

I imagine you,
Order another drink for you,
And maybe one for me too,
Even though I'm not there.

I imagine you,
In deep conversation,
Or maybe just listening,
To the music blare.

I imagine you,
Sitting in a bar somewhere,
Nursing a drink,
Wishing I was there.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

There is no Hurry

I know we are late
I hurry and I charge
I make that last minute rush
I call out to you

You are lost in your thoughts
I want to interrupt
But, something makes me
Just stop

And I see your face
I fall in love once more
with that brooding
look of yours