Friday, July 13, 2012

Echo of Silence

An echo,
Waits her turn,
To be screamed out,
Pulls at words,
From across the chasm,
Of deafening silence.

Unconnected universes,
Collide with,
The nothingness,
Of reason,
In a state of,
Morbid suspension.

The sphere,
Of the person,
Stares back,
In defiance,
At the protocol,
Of pain and disgrace.

Innocence steps out,
In search of dignity,
Bewildered by,
The virtue of chastity,
A new reality attempts,
To restore equilibrium.


  1. Now that's a poem. It has vivid imagery and powerful emotions packed into a few pithy words. It teases the imagination and makes you yearn to dig deeper into it

  2. A very well written poem Lovely play with the words.