Thursday, July 18, 2013

An Old Poem

I stumble upon an old poem,
The paper so yellowed,
Telling me much time has gone by.
A little frayed along the edges,
Like the emotions it carried.

I caress the brittle pieces,
The ink fading in places,
Like the memories it held.
All the lines along the fold,
Looking tired from the years.

I feel the yellowing paper,
Almost crumpling in my hands,
Like the feelings so fragile.
Perhaps, to relive once more,
All those unresolved sentiments. 

I read the words I’d written,
My fears and wishes from old,
A smile plays on my lips.
As I scroll to the bottom,
I love myself a little bit more.


  1. You're lucky. Things that I'd written a few years ago usually make me puke when I read them today :)

  2. Sometimes I have a similar response too :)

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